Skin Cancer Check

Burnside family practice offers whole body skin cancer checks and onsite treatment

We Provide​

    •    Top to toe skin checks. Detailed assessment of all skin lesions with magnified dermoscopy.
    •    In appointment Biopsies. Lesions of concern can be rapidly biopsied in your skin check appointment for rapid histological diagnosis, saving time and preventing growth.
    •    Surgical excisions provided on-site. Wider excision and advanced flap/skin graft techniques can be booked on our surgical lists within our clinic if required.
    •    Automated Recall System. Get reminders when you’re due for a check.
    •    Cost effective appointments.
Skin checks are essential if you have any of the below risk factors:
    •    History of heavy sun exposure
    •    Several moles
    •    Age over 55
    •    History of past skin cancers, Basal, Squamous or Melanoma
    •    Fair skinned
    •    Family history of Melanoma
    •    On Immunosuppressant medication, for arthritis or transplants


Please phone the Surgery on 08 8379 1751 to organise an appointment and our friendly Reception staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Burnside Family Practice
Is very excited to announce
Dr Kasey Wong

will be joining the Practice
on Tuesday 30th April 2024.
Dr Kasey

enjoys the diversity of General Practice
and will look forward to having you as her patient